Friday, May 31, 2013

Wheee, What Fun

     Would have posted this earlier, but I figured that I should calm down before making a post. I'm calm-ish now, so here we go.

     Still no word on the prophecy-thing. So that's some good news. Also on good news, Monday the doc is planning on performing the prosthetic/reattachment surgery. After that, I would be stuck here for maybe 1 or 2 more weeks. Then I have to go to phys. therapy/rehab. That's going to be fun. Oh yeah, and the 'training' is going fine as well.

     The neutral news. Jack and I really got into it earlier. To keep this short (and to keep me from getting upset again) I'll just tell you how it ended. It ended with me shouting at him to "Go away, leave me alone, stop protecting me, and never to show up around me again!" I have censored that just quite a bit. So, he left. Right as the doc was walking in. I haven't seen Jack since.

     Med, when you get that package he sent, tell me what the results from the blood samples are. Plus, tell me what you think about that azoth.
      And now, something I promised a little while ago: a description of my journey through the Pathways (as Jack had called them) The first level he called  'the Darkness.' This level I think many of you know better as 'the Path.' I won't waste much time explaining it. Just that there were many creatures there who I'd rather not meet again. And a decent amount of proxies as well. The next post will be about the next level. Which is actually a bit more dangerous.
     As per usual: check comment section for more news that doesn't warrant a full post.

Stay Safe,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


     So, a lot's happened since my last post. I'll start with Strider.

     I was eating my dinner, Jack was off napping in the corner. I was just about to swallow my food when the door flew open. A man ran in, threw me off the bed, threw my food (tray and all) at Jack, and started attacking me and Jack. The guy would hit me a few times, turn and knock Jack around then proceed to hit me again. (all while I was choking on food mentioned earlier) I was on the ground and unable to get up, as I have only one leg that can support my weight. After throwing Jack back into his chair (what's with him and chairs?), the guy started laughing. Looked at me and said, "I'm Strider, nice to meet you in person!" Jack sighed and said something about 'telling me this would happen.' The doc and some security came in, but Jack sorted it out as Strider helped me up and into my bed. Thus, my 'training' began...

      In other news:
  • S and I talked, she seemed to think it was normal that my arm was removed, and that I'm in London. I think that means that someone got involved.
  • Douchenozzle's dropped off the face of the Earth. No complaints there.
  • There was a new anon commenter, to whoever you are: stop the cryptic crap. I don't need it. If this is a prank, then leave. 
  • Jack took samples of the azoth my roof and sent them to Med.
  • Jack also took some samples of my blood and sent those to Med.
  • Azoth has flashblang properties. See: Sanna
  • Med is planning on growing azoth. (probably not the best idea, but hey, who am I to judge?)
  • And I had a conversation with the S-man! (to be explained in the next paragraph)
     So, when I made that comment about the hospital lights, something weird happened. From my perspective, the lights all went out, time stopped, and I had my first visitor. From Jack's I just passed out. My 'visitor' is pretty infamous. And tall. And faceless. And annoying. I'm sure you all remember the whole 'telepathy-like' experience I had with him? It happened again. The lights went out, all the people stopped, and the whispering became very loud. And then he showed up. Looked at me for a bit, then projected feelings of happiness. The kind you feel when running into an old friend. He then started talking as if he had never tried to kill me. Or fill me full of azoth. Or me try to kill him. Or the blood spitting incident. Anyways, I'm trying to wrap this up quickly, he asked me how my arm was healing. I said fine. He then said that I didn't need to fear him, he wasn't planning on hurting me. I didn't believe him, naturally. He talked about azoth, proxies, runners, me, and himself. Before saying that he had business to take care of. That's when time re-started, and I passed out. Since then, I'm been in and out of it at odd times. The whole situation brought up one problem: If there was any doubt to his sentience, it's gone now. And since he's sentient (and apparently partially civilized), does that give us the right to kill him? When I joined the Network, I took an oath: to find out anything about him and (if possible) make contact that could lead to peace. And if not possible, save humanity by destroying him, and others like him if necessary. I've made contact with him, what does that mean?

Edit (10:10 PM): Fixed a few typos. A quick note: his English was very broken up. Some things that he said were almost impossible to understand.
      The following has occurred:  The anon person made the same comment on the blogs of Med, Spyre, Kendra, and Sanna. Spyre thinks that it's some kind of prophecy. I hope not.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


     So, Strider is going to pay me a visit in a few days to start training me because of the countless weaknesses, and ways to kill me that he found. To top that off, sir Ⓧ is actually very dangerous. And most likely suffers from indigestion and ulcers. Jack's a bit upset about the whole training idea. And the doc keeps trying to convince me to take the prosthetic/repair/replacement treatment. All of this happened while I was eating a wondrous hospital dinner. You know what they say: "There Ain't No Rest for the Wicked." Even when recovering in a hospital in a different country. And there's some good news! S and I will be able to video chat sometime this week. I don't know how to explain being in London. Or missing my arm. But, at least I get to talk to her.

     Any advice? Other than: "Expect the unexpected."

Until the Next,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stir Crazy

     I haven't even been here that long and I'm going stir-crazy. It's so boring here, but I guess that's better than it being to exciting, right? Earlier, the doc let me 'walk' around the hospital. Actually, hobble is more appropriate. Instead of using a wheelchair, like he wanted, I used a crutch. Yes, singular. I used my left arm to hold it, and kind of hobbled my way around. Luckily, it was my left leg that had been broken. Some of the looks I got...were priceless. I wonder what went through that one old woman's mind when she saw a teenager who was missing an arm, had a broken leg, and was using only one crutch. Other than that, I haven't been allowed outside of my room.

      So, let's see, I'm going to be here a while. I might as well tell you all about the Pathways. I'll split it into three parts, as there are only three sections of it that I saw. In my next post, I'll start with the first part of it. 

     In other news:
  • The whispering's back, or maybe it was always there and I hadn't noticed it. Oh well, it's only annoyinng.
  • The doc keeps checking to see if I'll agree to the prosthetic/replacement procedure. I'm still not sure if I trust it.
  • I haven't had any visitors...yet. I'm hoping that, if I get any at all, they will be civilized people who won't attempt to kill me. If there are any friendly people who want to visit me, go to the hospital and tell reception that you're there for 'Dr. Jack Goodfellow.' (I really think he's lost it by going by that name) You'll then be lead to an empty room, be searched by Jack for any weapons (including azoth of any kind), then (if you pass the search) be lead to my room. Where you'll see the one-armed freak in all his glory! That sounded better in my head than it did typed. Oh well.
      That's all I can think of for now; check the comment section. I'll add any new events that are not worth a full post there.

Until The Next,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So That's What They're Talking About

     Carter here. Doc just left. He explained to me about this 'experimental procedure' that he and Jack had been talking about. I'll type this one completly on my my own, it'll take longger, but it means that Jack can't remove what I want to say.

     So anyways, the 'procedure.' Doc walked in, had a case under his arm. He set it on the table. THen said, "I'm sure you've heard our...illustrious friend and myself talking about a 'procedure'." He gestured at Jack while talking and even did the whol finger-quote thing. "Due to his...peculiar nature, we have a way to 'restore' your arm." At this he opened the case, inside was (you guessed it) my arm. "Our friend," At this Jack winked, "has informed me of a technology to help you. It can regulate the nerves of the arm."

     I interrupted, "So, what you're saying is that you want to recconnect my arm and put in some kind of machinery?"

     "In a nutshell, yes. It's only experimental because of its origin. And its a prototype. With some dangers."

     "Such as?"

     "Those pains you've told us about, they'll continue. Most likely. And if it fails or breaks down, the arm will become useless again."

      "Why not? let's go ahead and put some technology that we know nothing about into my arm and see what happens. It'll be fun!" My voice was dripping with sarcasm.

     "This will be a chance for us to learn! Think of the possibilities! It will be a new age for prosthetics! Think of all the amputations that could be undone! You'll test it, and if it works well, it could be used for others!" He was almost jumping with joy.

     "NO!" The sudden outburst from Jack caused both the Doc and me to jump. Of course my 'jump' hurt with the current state of my body. "You will not breach the contract! You will not write any report on this. It will stay in this room only. As part of our deal." He then left the room to cool off a bit. He was genuinely angry.

     THe Doc sighed. "Deals with him can be most infuriating, can they not?"

     "I've never made one with him."

     "You haven't? Then why is he protecting you? Think about it, he's going out of his way to help you. Why? Why is he helping you? It's certainly not out of the good of his heart. Ask yourself, why. I know you're technically a head of whatever council thing you're on, but he let your predecessor die, did he not? Your predecessor didn't receive this kind of help, so why. Are. You." He straightened his tie, said goodnight and left.

     Got me thinking after that. Jack has been watching me more than he needs to. It's strange, sure he's saved my life twice now, but why? What's he going to gain?

Until the next,

(Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of the whole 'one-armed and typing with broken fingers' thing!)

Edit: who's the guy going around posting all the operator symbols? specifically, Ⓧ?

Monday, May 20, 2013

I Hate Hospitals

     Here I am. Stuck in a hospital. I hate hospitals, I ever tell you that? Along with elevators, and proxies, and crazy people, and the S-man. Forgive any typos*, this is very hard to do. I feel groggy (painkillers?), I'm in pain (if so, they aren't helping me much), and I've only got one arm (yippee). My left arm at that. My right was the dominant. Jack's got horrible bedside manner. First thing he does is say sorry, then he shoves the computer in my face. With different blogs open. So, it looks like:
  • Spyre is being tortured. I hope someone is able to help her. Strider, if you read this, good luck, and send Aporia my full 'hello.' (Which is currently a lot of pain) 
  • Sanna is being held by Snowblind in a situation that is all too familiar. David, I may not like your methods, but help her. Please.
  • Med, that was pretty...descriptive. But Jack tells me I have you and Kendra to thank. So Thanks. And be careful with Aporia.
  • Kendra, I don't know what to say to you. I'm so sorry that he targeted you and B. And that he made you choose...the one thing. But still, thank you. He really would have killed me.
  • Rose, I hope you're Ok, haven't seen any posts by you on your blog (or any for that matter). So, I'm hoping there's not a bad reason for that.
  • Azrael,  What was that about? Were you sympathizing with him? An insane psychopath? Why?
     Also, no worries about investigation. Apparently the doctor here owes Jack big time. He also seems to know a lot about the whole 'being stalked by Fears, and Runner' business. Earlier, Rake-creature was sitting on the window outside. The doc just looked at her, smirked, and went along as if everything was normal. To top all of that off, earlier Jack and he were talking about some 'experimental procedure.' He also said something about 'short term memory loss,' and something about my 'arm' feeling pain. When it isn't there. It's so weird to look at my right side, so used to an arm being there...but now it's just a stub. Other than that, I'm stuck in a hospital. Have I told you that I hate hospitals, because I can't stand them. At all.

Stay Strong,

     *Ok, I'm going to have Jack fix any typos actually.

That Was...Annoying

   Jack here, I've changed the password. He won't be harassing any of you with Mr. Carter's account. So where to begin. He got away. When I went barging in he ran away. Like a coward. Mr. Carter is currently in a hospital, unconscious. Luckily, one of the doctors owes me a few...favors. So, the report:
  • minor concussion
  • three broken ribs
  • four broken toes
  • three broken fingers
  • one royally messed up leg
  • electrical burns
  • strangulation marks
  • bruises all over torso
  • massive blood loss
  • blunt-force trauma
  • he had apparently been 'water-boarded'
  • and then there's the arm
     Amazingly, Mr. Carter was alive, so I grabbed him and left. Straight to the Pathways and on to the hospital. Thank you all for your distractions. You definitely saved Mr. Carter's life. Lastly, Ms. Kendra. Kid, don't beat yourself up, it's not your fault that some psychotic individual forced you to make a choice. Or that you and B are his next targets. I will try to hunt this guy down. I've done horrible things, but I draw the line at torture. That is certainly not justice. I'll be here all night. He's bound to wake up soon. -- Jack

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm Only Going to Say this Once, The Deadline Has Been Moved

I want you all to pay attention. I have your 'friend' immobilized. I hold the cards here. I want to be entertained. If I get bored, I'll finish up my 'business' and leave. So, when I say something, I want an actual answer. No BS, no tricks, and certainly no deals. If I say 'dance,' you had better dance. Or else we'll find out how successful a 'Runner' is when he has no legs. Give me an answer, or he'll lose both legs, and one of his arms. I'd decide quickly if I were you, I'm not very patient.

And 'scientist', I want to know how much trauma you think the human body can take. We'll compare it to my 'patient.' And if you don't know, I'll be glad to pass along my data. Don't be afraid to ask.

Pardon the Interruption

Hello, bloggers! Such a foolish act: both blogging and leaving your blog open and logged in while being chased. Isn't it funny how the, what did the 'scientist' call him, 'fairy'(?) is gone when needed. Or how the beast is off hunting what it believes to be Lynx rufus when it is needed to most? So foolish, so naive. In case your wondering (and I know you are) he's alive. But can't talk, he's currently...tied up, so to speak. What fun I shall have tonight.
Not enough time. there is someone outside right now. Jack and rake-creature are both gone. i keep hearing sounds outside, as if someone's trying to find a way in. i am honestly scared. about half an hour ago the azoth pile moved.  window just broke downstairs. posting this then running.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sorry If That Scared Anyone

     Carter here, as Jack said, yes, I went into the woods. I had a reason. This morning, I found a note telling me to go to a 'dead-drop' of sorts in the middle of the woods. I called rake-creature over, told her to follow me, and went into the woods. I didn't see S-man, but I did talk to a proxy. And a Hallowed. Yes, talked. It was weird, I was worried that they'd attack me, but instead the proxy chatted with me for a while. It's kind of worrying that a proxy and a Hallowed decided to chat instead of attempt to maim me.

     Anyways, the dead-drop contained an audio tape. I would post its audio but don't have time. Same for typing a full transcript. It was marked saying 'Coroner's Log 5/9/2013'. The short version of it: a man was found dead with what (at first) appeared to be burns on his torso, arms, and hands. Nothing happened until the second doctor left the room. The remaining doctor continued. I believe that he eventually brushed bare skin against the 'burns.' As he said something about it feeling cold to the touch. He then shouts, no actually screams. "It moved! What the hell is this! Someone hel..." He is cut off. I believe the 'burns' may have actually been azoth or a similar substance. This doesn't bode well.

Quick comment time:
  • Hey, Med, does the word 'Frequencies' mean anything to you?
  • Also Med, I like your idea for the sanctuary thing.
  • Aphoria, you should be careful: you have  no idea of just how strong we bloggers are.
  • Jiltha, sorry about your father trying to kill you. Hope you stay safe.
  • R, should start preparing to run. When he takes an interest in you, it's never good.
  • And lastly, yes the rumors are true. I have an email set up now.
     That's it for now, stay safe everyone. As per usual: comment sections for updates.

Until the Next,
   Mr. Carter apparently left while I was working. He's no where to be found. I would go after him, but that thing is gone too. So, I think it followed him. They will be back soon most likely.
   To help Mr. Carter out, I set up his email. It is Send him a message when you can. I'll make sure that he checks it. -- Jack

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jamie's Last Entry and Guilt...Lots of Guilt

     Carter here. Early post. What a busy week. Let's have a  recap shall we?
  • New people. Lots of them.
  • Coughing is worse. And, I'm still not done cleaning up that azoth. I think that I do actually have a phobia to it now.
  • Jack's effectively moved in.
  • My rake-creature is still here. 
  • I swear I keep seeing things on the edge of my vision.
  • If I'm in a quiet room, I hear whispering. That no one else notices.
  • I do have a spare room still, so if anyone needs a place to stay, I'm your man. If you're in the Midwest 'States, and don't mind Jack, or a rake-creature.
  • I'm paranoid of everything, including myself. All because of that azoth from before.
  • Med, thanks again for that thought you left me with. The one about the azoth from my head being alive still.
  • I've been having more...vivid (vivid as in highly detailed and almost life-like. Almost like a memory) dreams. I'm writing them down to the best of my abilities, but the most interesting is one thing. I keep seeing a woman in each one. I've never seen her before, and yet...she's always there.
     Now the last entry. This one was made sometime shortly after she wrote her goodbyes. She had left goodbyes for everyone. I won't post them because they were personal. Especially the one she left for me. I'm glad I didn't know what she actually thought, it would've made my job harder. That doesn't help the guilt though.

     i serve him now he is my master and lifeandheisthebestthing ontheearth joininghimissomcheasierthanfighting youshouldjointoo allofyou heremovesallthepainandgavespuroposetoall 

     For those of you who have trouble reading that here's a version with spaces:

     "i serve him now he is my master and life and he is the best thing on the earth joining him is so mch easier than fighting you should join too all of you he removes all the pain and gaves puropose to all" 

     So she pretty much went insane at the end. Or Hallowed. Either way, it was all my fault. All of it. Her death, Tim's death, Alan's death, Alyson's death, Seven's death, the proxy who rake-thing killed, the proxies that I had killed, its all my fault. I've tried to help others, but all that has come out of it is death. Of my friends, of people who I never met. The families whose brother/sister/father/mother/child that will never have the chance to see their loved ones again. It's all my fault. Who's the real monster: the S-man, or me?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Welcome Home Party? For Me?

     Got home way earlier today. Would have posted then, but I had a lot of 'fun.' So, I  get home, open the window so my magnificent Rake-creature-sentry-watchdog-stalker-thing (I'll explain why I will no longer use the nickname 'kitty') can come and go as she pleases, and start unpacking. I saw a note on my bedside table, it was in Jack's handwriting, so I ignored it. I wish I hadn't. 

     I decided to take a cat-nap, as long car rides always tire me out. I woke up to a proxy (actually Hallowed, because he had that blank look) holding a knife and standing in my doorway. I went out the window and onto the roof, naturally. My house is two-floored, and the garage's roof is right under my window. It's pretty flat, so it's like a balcony. Well, Mr. Proxy is was fast, he was right behind me. And a lot stringer than he looked. To be honest, with you guys, I should've grabbed a weapon, but he looked like he hadn't eaten any food for weeks! Note to self: if a proxy looks weak, he isn't.

     So, he managed to tackle me and hold me down. He sent the knife right into my heart, the entire blade. I kept trying to push him off, but he kept on stabbing. After a short while, I realized I was done for, and proceeded to pass out from blood loss. Next thing I know, I wake up. The sun was lower, so I had been out for a few hours. I was covered in blood (and what looks like azoth from him). The roof was covered with blood. And I was alive. On examination, the spots where the knife went in are now only tiny scratches that will heal in a few days. I should be dead, as that was a lot of blood. 

     I'm assuming that I lived because of the universe's inability to 'decide' on my existence. So, universe, if you can read, thank you. Your slowness saved my life. Oh yeah, the proxy died. When my magnificent Rake-creature-sentry-watchdog-stalker-thing saw him attacking my lifeless body, she must have decided to attack. I'm no longer going to call her 'Kitty' because, when I woke up, I heard a crunching sound. Those of you who have weak stomachs should skip to the next paragraph. You were warned. She was eating the proxy. The crunching was one of his bones, in her mouth was an arm. So, she is never going to be called 'Kitty' by me ever again.

     I read Jack's note afterword. Apparently, his business trip was to visit future me. The future me, told him about the event which took place. Jack tried to warn me with the note. He also explained partially why I'm alive. The short version: Universe says I exist-While I am alive, I then died. Then, Universe says I don't exist-But I'm dead and the roof's covered in my blood and there's a dead proxy who tried to kill me, since I didn't exist that second half was not true. Then the universe says I exist, and (for some unexplainable reason,) decided to let me live. I think I earned today's headache.

     That's all for now, everyone. If anything else crops up, I'll post it in the comment section.

Stay Safe,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jamie's Journal-Entry 3

     Welp, I'm gonna be busy this weekend. So, here's an early post! I'll try to still catch any new posts you all make and comment, but I won't have time for a full post.

     So, news time:
  • Kitty is still here. Still watching me. Still being completely creepy. Does anyone have a reason of why she's here? 
  • I also got a note from Jack: "I'll be away on business." That's all it said. Good riddance, if you ask me. 
  • I just realized that this whole 'situation' has lead to me being an amazing liar. Before, I could barely lie. Now, I can tell a perfect lie to those I care about! Not a proud moment When will this all end?
  • Still getting those weird, "Who am I?" moments. It's still very uncomfortable.
  • Other than all of that, I'll keep you informed if anything happens (I hope not) in the comment section below.
     On to the entry:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

     Oh God, I can remember it ALL. I remember all of it now. The Council, Alan, Carter, Tim, Alyson, [C6], Seven, the warehouse, the plan, the virus, the research, the goodbyes, the arguments, the good, the bad, the annoying, all of it. I remember the operation to suppress my memories, and Tim's plan with the virus. I remember it all. It just hit me. Without warning, one minute, I had just made to the tower and was setting in when my head starting itching. I can't really describe the feeling, almost a burning itch, but not really. At first I thought it was the way I had my hair, because of the wind. But then the memories came flooding in. I almost fell off the tower. And now, I remember everything. In case your wondering, I decided to stay at the tower for a while.
     He's down there, watching. He knows that I remember. I'm trapped. There's no where to run. Only one choice left. We all knew it would come to this. It was the original plan. Goodbye, whoever finds this. And thanks for reading it. If you know any of the people I mentioned, give this to them. Alan, you'll be fine without me. Carter, I'm sorry that your research failed. Tim, I hope your virus works. Alyson, I hope that revenge will come along. He deserves it all, especially after ruining so many lives. [I, Carter, removed the references  to C6 here] Seven, be confident. You're a good person, and I'm sure you'll be a great leader when your time comes. Goodbye everyone. And Carter, remember what I said before I left. 
     Off to meet Fate. Geronimo! This is Jamie, researcher, runner, fighter, C2 on the Council telling you all thank you and goodbye.

     There's one more entry after this one. Re-reading all of this...brings up memories. Of the start of this mess. I hope someone can end this all soon.

Stay Safe Everyone,

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Anyone Who'll Let Me Punch Them?

     So, last night, Jack just walked in. In one hand, a sheet a paper. In the other, a container, like the ones that hospitals use to protect organs. I knew what they both were. He had a huge grin on his face. He walked over to the nearby chair and and sat. Jack was string out the window for a while, then suddenly burst out laughing. He eventually said, "You're all so hilarious! She actually accepted my offer! What a fool!" Another fit of laughter as he gestured towards the container which he had set down on the table. I figured I'd get some work done, so I turned back towards my computer. 

     After a few minutes, he got quiet. He finally had heard the faint growling that had started after he had walked in.
      "What the devil is that thing doing here?"-Jack
      "Took your sweet time, huh?"-me
      "Why is it here?"-Jack
      "She is a 'wonderful' new friend that I've made. All because of your 'rescue'.-me
      "That thing should not be here."-Jack
      "Neither should I, I should be dead. But you had to get involved. Have you ever considered the fact that I didn't want you to 'save' me?"-me
     The grin was long gone from his face. She looked like she was prepared to leap at him. He looked ready to strangle her.
      "Now, both of you settle down, and play nice."-me
     She looked like a dog who was just scolded. Jack sat down and crossed his arms.
     I watched as she looked towards me. I never thought a creature like that with those empty, black eyes could look so sad. After a few minutes, she yawned and fell asleep. That's all she does: sleep, hunt, and watch me. After about an hour, Jack got up. He picked up the contract and container, walked over to me, and whispered in my ear, "I know who she is." 

     Before I had a chance to respond, he disappeared. When he said 'she' he gestured at my notebook, the one where I've kept a dream log. So he definitely wasn't talking about my new friend. So, who'll let me punch them? It'll make me feel a lot better. Oh yeah, I'm gonna call the rake creature 'Kitty' from know on. Reason: earlier today, I watched her hunt. She tracked a stray cat, and toyed with it before eating it. Much in the same way that a cat plays with a mouse before eating it. Kinda ironic. Anything else for today will be added in the comment section. And sorry for all the posts lately, but I'm trying to still catch up on things.

Stay Safe,

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rude Awakenings...

     Well, I won't be going after that figure today. I woke up this morning with the feeling of being watched. I instinctively checked the chair near my bed. I was expecting Jack to be sitting there. But it was empty. I haven't seen him for a while now. Especially after he and Med's deal. Anyways, I definitely felt a presence in the room. I looked at one of the corners and freaked out. There was one of those albino human things. In my room! It had made a bed out of my clothes and was watching me. I lost it, of course. I immediately remembered the 'Rake.' That's what this thing looks like. So, apparently I have a Rake-creature, an extremely tall faceless entity, its followers, and a man who calls himself Jack to deal with. Great, just freakin' great. What's next? 

     But, it didn't attack me, so that's a plus. It just watched me, got bored, yawned, and fell asleep. I'll let you guys know how this situation turns out.

     I also had an awkward conversation with S. She pointed out the fact that she tells me a lot, and that I keep secrets. I almost broke down and told her. Almost. Every time I look at her, I remember what he said. And I know that eventually, (since it's now summer) she may end up seeing the scar on my back. I don't know how I'll explain that one away...

     Lastly, comment/response time:
  • Lysander-What are you about to attempt?
  • Med-That was interesting. To say the least. Now you've got one eye. Any progress on leaving that loop?
  • Sanna-I won't lie and say that the pain brought on from killing will go away. It doesn't, it will weigh heavily on your conscience for possibly the rest of your life. That's why I try to go for nonlethal when I'm attacked. After the first time I was forced to kill, I almost went insane. And I would have, too, if it wasn't for everyone around me. The support of your friends may help. As does being forced to constantly face other threats.
      That's it for right now. If I think of anything else, I'll add it in the comments area below. Stay safe everyone, something big is going to happen. And soon.

Until the Next,

Friday, May 3, 2013

Jamie's Journal-Entry 2

     Before I begin, I want to say something. Something isn't right. Ever since I got back, things have been weird. It all feels wrong. Sometimes, I'll see my reflection and ask myself, "Who is that?" other times, my own voice sounds strange, foreign. I can't really explain it all very well. I asked Jack about it. He won't give me a straight answer. Once I heard him mumble something about the 'paradox' and 'causing unwanted and unexpected changes.' What could that mean? Did the paradox change me? Another thing, was that goo-stuff 'azoth?' The descriptions seem to have similarities, but I can't tell. I'm no expert. And, the figure I mentioned in my comment is still there. Whatever it is, it's following me. Tomorrow, I'll confront it and find out.

     On to the entry:

Sunday, March 31, 2013
     Still alive. That's an accomplishment. Running low on supplies, tomorrow I'll have to go into town. Which will draw attention to me. Yippee. I saw a water tower nearby, I'll set up camp there tomorrow night. It's pretty high up, but that may be a bit safer. I hope. 
     Recently, I've been having weird dreams. Not the kind you'd expect. No, these are almost like old memories that you want to suppress. The latest one: I was in a forest. I always avoid them because of the Slender Man. But, I wasn't alone. There were other people too. We were running. All of a sudden the Slender Man appeared and we stopped. There were seven of us. Me, another girl, and five guys. The Slender Man grabbed me. one of the guys ran forward and helped me. It ended with him in its grasp. He shouted at me and the others, he said,        "Run, Jamie! Get out of here! Carter, Tim help Seven he can't run on that leg!" The two who were apparently Carter and Tim didn't look very pleased at that, but they listened. The girl ran forward and yelled at the Slender Man, "Let Alan go!" I've never seen anyone move with such grace while swinging a sword at a 7-foot tall monster. The Slender Man dropped the guy, Alan?, and the girl called over the other guy, who hadn't been named, and they helped Alan until he was able to move on his own easily. We walked until we reached a warehouse. Tim, Carter, and Seven (I think those were their names, at least) were waiting. Tim? (that's what the girl called him) ran forward to the girl. He called her Alyson and asked if she was OK. She said yes, and that we should worry more about Alan and me. Since we had directly touched the Slender Man. Carter? came over to me to see if I was alright. He seemed... uncomfortable around me. I don't know why. The rest of the dream was us cleaning up the warehouse. It all seemed so...familiar. I don't know why though.

     I've gotta get ready to head into town now. With luck, I'll be safe and snug up in that water tower tonight. The only thing about it that will bug me is that the wind up there will be pretty bad. Oh, well, when life gives you lemons...

     That was the first sign of trouble. Her memories were coming back. It all went down-hill from there.  Also, know that I'll have this posted about 30 minutes or so before I get home tomorrow. I may have just recovered from death, but that doesn't mean I can break the whole 'make everything look normal' rule.

Until The Next,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


     Well, where to begin....I guess I'm alive. And it's me, Carter. So, I...died. Yep. Now I'm alive due to the help of Jack. I feel only half-alive. Or half-dead. The things I saw in there...were horrible. I don't want to talk about it now, but I might later. Apparently that whole 'paradox plan' worked, though. Jack left her behind when he pulled me out. And since he had screwed up time so much, everyone around me doesn't even have a clue that I died, have a faceless stalker, or a...what exactly? What is Jack? Is he a human, a Fear, or something else? But anyways, she is also alive and well. She had no memory of Jack bringing her to help or of him telling her everything about this wonderful situation that I've gotten tangled up in. I guess I have that to be thankful of, at least. Although, there is still the fact that he endangered her just to save me. And the paradox that he had created in the process. Frankly, I'm surprised that I lived. And by the way, Med, the paradox was...amazing. It's hard to describe it. It was both beautiful and frightening at the same time. I wrote it all down to the extent of my describing abilities.

     Yes, I was reckless. I went to retrieve Alan's notes while still recovering. I obviously payed the price for that... Anyways, Jack confirmed what the notes said in his earlier post. I can't repeat those words due to an oath..creature..thing. Irregardless, I now know the origins of the Network. And now I guess I have entered a partnership with Jack! What fun. The story of what happened: I walked to the building, it was on old warehouse in the middle of the woods. The only windows were the skylights in the main room. The same skylights that a proxy used when he shot Alan. I got there, turned on my flashlight and checked the side-rooms first. We had built our own walls to make a separate room in the middle of the main. It made us feel safer.

     The door was closed. That should have tipped me off. The entire place was empty and quiet. But, the door to that room was closed. I felt uncomfortable, though, and wanted some more walls between me and the woods. So, I opened the door and walked in. My flashlight died for about 5 seconds. It turned back on after the door slammed shut behind me. I turned back around to search for Alan's notes. That when I noticed, I wasn't alone. There were 2 others in the room. It was there. He stood there staring at me, wanting to see my reaction. The other person in the room was C6. Dead, and being held up by Slim. Immediately, I felt anger and hatred radiating from him. It was definitely scary. 

     At this point, I said forget the notes and backed up slowly towards the door. It wouldn't budge. My head started pounding. Worse than it had been before. I fell over. I felt like I might pass out from the pain. But, he didn't want that. He lifted me into the air, and brought me face-to-face(less) with him. I know that he...talked. There's no other way to describe it. Maybe it was telepathy or something. Some of the things he said are things I will never repeat. He said things about all of you. Jack, Med, Kendra, Sanna, Rose, B,  Lysander all of you who I've talked to at one point or another. Even others who I've never had contact with. Like, M, Bondie, Zeke, Ava, and others who I've never heard of. He said things about her quite a few times. She definitely has his interest, but (if you can believe anything a faceless abomination says) he said that he'll leave her alone. Then, the pain came back. This time, I blacked out. 

     Woke up an hour later, this time I was alone. I found the notes, and the revolver that I lost when the attack happened. (it was busted up, but hey memento) I left and went home. I started typing up what had happened when I blacked out again. The next thing I know, I see Jack and S (that's what I'll refer to her by from now on, it's easier than saying her) running towards me. Tall, Thin, and Faceless holding me in the air, and doing his talking thing again. All in the local park. S had a look of determination on her face. She started screaming at him to let me go. She picked up a nearby fallen tree branch, and hit him square in the back. I hit the ground. Jack ran over, grabbed me, shouted "hold him back!" to S. And then everything disappeared. 

    We were in some weird place. It was dark, there was a constant hum/buzzing sound that seemed to be coming from my head, there were strange creatures that looked albino humans running around these tree-like things on their arms and legs. Very creepy looking. Anyways, next thing I know, Jack pulls a knife on me, slices open my head, pulls out this goo-stuff, and somehow closes the wound before I can even comprehend what had happened. The hum stopped after that. He showed me the goo-stuff, said it was attached to my brain, and watched as it disintegrated in his hand. It also started to disintegrate his hand, too, but he threw it towards one of the tree-things. After that, I realized that S wasn't with us. I turned towards him and asked where she was. Well, asked isn't the best word. I actually tackled him and demanded. He gave me some vague answer about creating a paradox to save me. That's when I noticed those albino human things watching us. Jack quickly jumped onto his feet, and told me to start moving. "The Darkness is the most dangerous Pathway. We need to hurry and leave now." The rest of the journey, I don't want to talk about right now. Jack was always worried, scared even. He eventually showed me the 'Treaty'. It really is a living creature. According to Jack, it has 2 forms: one that reminded me of a rabbit mixed with a wolf (it's the form I saw), and another that makes you wish you didn't have eyes (or so he says). He explained that it is a judge of sorts between the treaty/truce made between his grandfather and Slim. And that, if the treaty/truce were to be broken, unspeakable things would happen. But anyways, we made it out after a 6 or 7 month journey. (about 3 days for y'all)

     And now, I'm here, somehow. I now know that I am the new head-councilman of my area. That Jack wants me to make a new Council. That S has Slim's attention. That Jack risked killing her just to save me. (It'll be a while before I forgive him for that) That seeing the dead body of C6 didn't help any. That my Dead Man's Post appeared. That I should, technically, be dead. That Slim knows a lot about all of you. That I went crazy last Tuesday because of some weird black goo-stuff attached to my brain. That I forced Slim to follow the treaty/truce. That there is a set of weird dimensions where a lot of our problems have come from. That time paradoxes are real and...interesting. And that I now have a guardian angel named Jack. Some days, I wish I didn't think. I'm going to go relax, thinking about all of that gave me a headache. (this time it's not caused by some black goo-stuff.) (Does anyone have any idea of what that stuff was anyways?) I'll also get around to finishing Jamie's journal entries, there's still a lot of info in those. Oh, and Sanna, Jack's definitely a douche. Without a doubt.

Until Next Time,