Why Didn't I Think of This!

   Jack here, I feel like removing Mr. Carter's Dead Man's Post. Just because there is still a chance.  And Ms. Med, I will not send that guy your way until I have exhausted every available option. I don't think Mr. Carter realized the fact that I wouldn't let him die so easily...
   I have a new plan, here's the outline:
  1. Get a hard copy of the blog in it current state. Includes every comment and post.
  2. Ask for help from a certain person that Mr. Carter is trying to protect.
  3. Bring her back with me.
  4. Show Mr. Carter the blog posts/comments that were made after his death.
  5. Have her help me in convincing Mr. Carter.
  6. Bring Mr. Carter back onto the Pathways.
  7. Lead him home.
  8. Watch as I create a major paradox.
  9. Hope for the best.
   Is this a sound plan to any of you? Because it sure isn't to me.--Jack


  1. Sometimes the crazy shit is all you've got. Good fucking luck.


  2. There are so many ways this could go wrong. Go for it.

    I've always wanted to see what a paradox looks like.


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