Story Time with Jack

  Well, I promised a post, so here it is. I will tell you a story. A story about my origins. Maybe this will answer your questions?
  I am Jack. I do have many, many talents. Yes, I hacked Mr. Carter's account, but for good reasons. Reasons which, unfortunately, I can not disclose at this time. You want to know more? Keep reading.
  I came to exist in this world on the exact day of my grandfather's death. My father told me many stories about my grandfather. Some were funny, others disturbing. And a few made no sense at first, because the story placed my grandfather in times that were long ago. He had many talents as well. In fact, the same talents that I have. You see, my grandfather and I have a lot in common. You could say that we are one and the same. He had many nicknames given to him throughout his life. I have inherited those.
  I hope that answers all of your questions. Including: No, I do not have pointed ears. They are rounded like your ears are.
  Lastly, Mr. Carter is alive and well (or according to my projections he is). He will most definitely post on Sunday. As (again if my projections are correct) he is recovering from a recent...incident/deaths.--Jack


  1. Did your Grandfather's name happen to be Robin Goodfellow? Was he able to turn into a raven?

    1. How valuable is the answer?

    2. Just curious. You can't have my voice, my soul, my true name, or my firstborn child. Sorry, Jackie.

    3. Jeez, a bit excessive don't you think. I was only curious of how fearful you were of me. Anyways, Robin Goodfellow. You wouldn't happen to be referring to the one that the English call 'Puck'?

    4. Yep. The Trickster. The Annoying One.

      And I'm not scared of you. I don't ever intend on striking a deal with you, so why should I be afraid of you?

    5. He hates that name with a passion. He told me just yesterday that he took the name Robin Goodfellow because of that name.

      And I am very glad that you don't fear me. I'm actually harmless, and a great person.

    6. I'm assuming that "he" is referring to your grandfather?

    7. Who else could I be referring to?

    8. The little bird that's made it's nest where your brain should be, obviously.

  2. Interesting. But why would we trust a known trickster when he says someone who's thus far shown himself to be a good person isn't? Especially without any proof.


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