He's Dead

  Jack here. This is bad, very, very bad. Mr. Carter is...well, dead. He's dead. I can't really understand, because that means that the Treaty has been broken. Oh, you don't know about the Treaty. I'll explain.
  Back in the ancient Egyptian 'prime,' there was a Pharaoh who had heard of a 'blight' that was plaguing neighboring lands.  In response, he formed a group of his most trusted. They were to collect as much info as possible about the "blight's" leader. We all know who he is. The Pale One. This group was unable to find much information. The Pale One eventually took the Pharaoh's reign by masquerading as a god. In his new position, he demanded many sacrifices. (Which has been depicted in some hieroglyphs) The group knew of this trickery and called to their gods for help. Guess who responded. My grandfather did, and he brought me with him. He gave the job to me: protect this group, and help them expand. I was overjoyed. I called them the Network. I was able to easily protect them from the Pale One due to a Treaty which had been formed between my grandfather, and him. That treaty, naturally, covered me and the Network.
  I formed 'cells' or 'councils' of the Network all across the Earth. The head council-man (or woman) would be in contact with me. But, they also are a part of 'the Binding Oath.' (in other words, they can't speak a word of me to anyone) I gained interest in Mr. Carter at Alan's request. That's when I (from your limited perspectives) joined the picture, and hacked this blog.
  Mr. Carter is was, technically, the new head council-man in this area after Alan's unfortunate demise. I was only biding my time for Mr. Carter to retrieve Alan's papers. They would have explained everything to him. But, he never would have been able to release aforementioned info.
  Ms. Med, you were correct earlier. When you had assumed that this Council had been protected. It was, but eventually every Council falls. Just like Ancient Egypt. Now, Mr. Carter is dead. The Treaty has been broken, and every other Council is at stake. I have one choice and one choice only. It will be difficult to explain, but I use pathways to travel from place-to-place and time-to-time. Yes, I said time. It will be a long trek for me, from a few months to a few years. But, luckily, it will pass only as days to you. I will try to pull Mr. Carter out right before he died. Wish me luck,  it has never been attempted before. But, the lives of everyone in the Network depends on this. I believe that if Mr. Carter were to appear alive, that the Treaty would be forced to reapply itself. It is similar to a sentient being. (Very difficult to explain.) I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. It'll be a few days from your perspectives until I return. Hopefully, it will be a success. In the meantime, I have a body to bury...--Jack


  1. But Carter's alive and posting. What are you talking about?

    1. Mr. Carter's last post was the one that he made on this blog. The one that cut off. I found him dead in the nearby park. I have not made a mistake, he is dead. I know that you may not want to believe me due to my reputation, but everything I said in this post is the truth. Every last bit of it.

      And, in case you'd like to know, I did an autopsy. He died within an hour of that post. And, I found something disturbing. On what you would call a 'hunch,' I opened his skull. I found an odd substance on his brain. At first glance, it was like a cancerous tumor. But, when I removed it, it changed. It tried melding/merging with me. It was a black tar-like substance. Looked to be relatively recent. So, I'll assume that it has been around since the night the Council was attacked. I don't know anything else. Will be here until 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time(about 3 hours from the time I write this comment). After that, I'll be off on an adventure into the pathways I mentioned--Jack

    2. Wait, what? But... huh...

      Hang on. What's the date?

      Something's very wrong here...


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