Great...Just Great

     Well, I'm back, guys. As you can tell, my account was hacked. I've changed the password, hopefully that'll help. Woke up this morning in my bed. Found a note next to me. Here's what it said: "Hello, Mr. Carter. I hope you are well. I will be watching, but do not count on my help.--Jack     P.S.  I helped with your injuries, I don't owe you any favors any more." That confused me. But explained how a twisted ankle, few bruised ribs, and cuts 'magically' healed overnight. All I have left is a scar on my back, looks like a whip mark. Does anyone know who this Jack is?

     So personal death count is at five people who I trusted. They were part of the council. Yes, they're dead. There were seven of us, now there's only two.

     The story behind that. I was the 3rd person to join the council, C3. The two others I became good friends with. After about a month, we got a big influx of others. Our numbers hit seven. C1, Alan, intelligent man. C2, Jamie, she was resourceful. C3, me. C4, Tim, very argumentative. He and I would disagree a lot. C5, Alyson, she was the best fighter of all of us. C6, the proxy. He betrayed us. C7, he never told us his name. He was very quiet. One of those guys who you'd see sitting in the back of a room reading a book.

     My research was into the possibility of removing the memories of Mr. Slim. It was going well. I had almost perfected it when C4, Tim, wanted to use it as a weapon. His research was into finding a way to kill that creature. He figured that, since that thing takes the memories of those it turns, if we put a virus of sorts into someone using that technique, we could kill it. Or at the very least injure it. The voting was crazy, to say the least. Those against it were me, and Jamie. Tim, and Alyson were for it. Alan, C6, and C7 all abstained from the vote. This continued for a couple of meetings, until C6 decided that he liked the idea. Jamie volunteered to be the 'subject.' We removed her memories of it, then implanted ones that would make her interesting to Mr. Slim. Then we inserted Tim's virus. We gave her basic supplies and sent her on her way. She didn't remember us or the council. There was a GPS tracker in her bag. After it had stopped moving for five days, Tim and I investigated.

     We went deep into the woods. There we found her bag. Inside were supplies, and a journal. She was nowhere around. We were on our way out, when Tim called me over. According to her journal, her memories were coming back. She continued on, because she believed in Tim's virus. She left messages for us. I was reading through the journal when they came. About 20 proxies surrounded us. That thing stood behind them. It was like a stand-off. We all stared at each other. Then, it tilted its head. The proxies parted and in walked Jamie. She was different, she seemed dead, emotionless. Her and a few proxies ran in and attacked us. I had my gun with me, so I aimed at immobilizing the proxies. Tim had a machete. Eventually, she overpowered him. Took his machete. The other proxies backed off. She was preparing to send it straight into his heart. I raised the gun to shoot, but hesitated. She killed him. Then she came towards me. I had no choice but to fire.

     They both died because of me. I had the presence of mind to grab the journal and run. I told Alan about it. He called a meeting. About five minutes in, a bullet came flying through a window. Alan was killed, immediately. The proxies came rushing through the doors. Alyson and I used the closest weapons: pipes that were laying on the ground. C7 didn't have a chance to reach a weapon. C6 disappeared. We held our ground as the proxies came in. After a while, she fell. A proxy with a knife brought her down. She was alive, but she couldn't fight anymore. The proxy was going to kill her when a certain suited man appeared. The proxies retreated and formed a circle around us. C6 revealed himself. As it turned out, he was a proxy who didn't even know he was. He was taunting Alyson, though. That thing came into the circle itself. C6 decided to shut-up. It looked at me for a few seconds. I bet I was a sight. I know from Jack's post that I was pretty beat up. I know that I had a nice cut on my back, the one that left a scar. It tilted its head, then picked me up. When they say it hurts for that thing to touch you, they aren't kidding. Alyson looked at me with sorrow, she knew that she was getting the less painful way out. She knew that she was dying, and that I wasn't lucky enough for that end.

     That thing just held me there for a few minutes, but then the pain suddenly got worse. It felt like my entire body was imploding. My head felt like it was going to explode. I can vaguely recall C6 laughing. For some reason, my mind was wandering. It was thinking about everything that has happened to me in the past year. It was focusing on the good, but I felt a nagging tug towards a memory of me reading a blog. Zeke Strahm's blog, to be exact. One time, when it was holding him, he spit blood in its face. It got so mad, that he lived. I started coughing. The pain ceased. At least the pain it was causing. It must have figured that coughing caused enough pain. Eventually, I had a decent amount of blood in my mouth. I looked up, right at its head. I spit. The blood hit its target. Next thing I knew, I was flying. Apparently, it threw me outside in a rage. From there, I guess I staggered on home.

    There's the story, there are only two council members left alive. Maybe that number will hit one soon.

Stay Safe Everyone,


  1. I don't know whether you're brilliant or stupid. Either way, I'm glad you're alive.

    1. Thanks, and I'd say that I'm probably more towards stupid.

    2. I'd say you're fucking stupid, what the hell were you thinking? You do NOT want to find out what happens when that thing REALLY gets mad at you. Do not fuck with it. Keep your risks to a MINIMUM. Your friend is right. Death is the NICEST fucking thing that can happen when you piss him off-and he can do things that are so fucking far beyond your comprehension HP Lovecraft would SHIT HIMSELF.

    3. I know that. She is dead. And I was going to die either way, so I decided to take a chance. It paid off.

    4. You better fucking hope you haven't caught his eye any more than you already had.

  2. Next time, try hitting him with a frying pan.

    It sure as hell worked for ME. Though I did wake up a few hours later with a splitting headache.

    1. A frying pan? I bet there's a good story behind that one.

    2. Granted I WAS in the mental plane at the time. But I owed him for GRABBING me with those awful tentacles. It made a satisfying clanging noise.

      And then I was running for my life.

    3. We all owe him for his 'kindness.' I'll be glad to repay the favors one day.

  3. Aaaand now I remember why organised Runner cells are rare.

    I feel I should have warned you that something like this might happen, but I assumed you had some advantage that offered a modicum of protection, hence my curiosity. I'm sorry. I really am.

    On the topic of the memory wiping, I can see how you and I might have argued over it's application. A amnesiac lion still has it's claws and fangs, and the risk is not worth the reward.

    And apparently Jack is a fairy hacker.

    1. I knew it would happen eventually. The same thing has happened many times to the Network. Alan told me that it was founded in Ancient Egypt. He told me to try and pick up the pieces if this happened.

      And I'm still going to research the application of memory wiping. According to her journal, it worked for about 3 days.

      And Jack. I don't even know where to begin with him.

  4. taking survival advice from zeke huh? Well doing that obviously pisses it off, and zeke is dead now.... so look where that got him...js


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