Good News, He Is Alive!

 Jack here, I have some good news for you all tonight. Mr. Carter just stumbled in from the woods. He looks like a dead man walking, but he is very well alive. Even if he wishes he was dead. He also looks very peaceful right now while he is asleep, if you get past the cuts, bruises, gashes, and what-not. Very peaceful indeed, though. I will look after him and his wounds. He will feel better in no time. However those favors that I owe him, he can consider them cashed-in. I also am not the only one watching Mr. Carter. There is another entity lurking about 18 meters from the window. If I am allowed to guess, I would say that he is very angry. Just thought that you would all like to know, after all, some of you seem to care about him. Even though you don't really know him. -- Jack


  1. Whelp, looks like Slendy isn't too happy with Carter. At least he's over THERE and not over HERE.

    1. Judging from the injuries, Mr. Carter caused a big...ruckus.

    2. Oh happy day. I wonder what happened.

      Maybe he killed some Proxies?

    3. He keeps mumbling in his sleep. Something about 'They're dead, all dead. Because of me.' Then he trails off again into incoherent mumblings. Definitely will be an interesting story.


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