Death Comes for Us All Eventually...

     Well, I've put it off long enough. Here's my Dead Man's Post! Yep, that's right, I'm dead! That feels so weird to type. After the events of April 11th, I decided now was the time. I guess if this post isn't up in time then Jack will say a few 'smart' comments. Sometimes he actually can be worth his weight. Or whatever you call it for an entity that doesn't follow the laws of time, space, and others that we haven't invented yet. (or so he tells me) But anyways, let's get back on topic! I'm dead, so Med (if you are still alive at the time this post appears) you will receive my research in about a month. You'll receive it from a man wearing a forest green coat with a red hat on his head. He's trustworthy, Alan had recommended him. He'll find you pretty easily with Jack's unconditional support. I hope the deal that he agreed to will be followed to the letter. I guess that's it, what else is there to say? Other than, sorry...sorry that I'm dead. That I didn't have an impact. That I only helped spread the word around about that thing, which in turn helped it. I'm sorry that I didn't run fast enough, or fight hard enough. I'm sorry...for everything. I wish I could apologize to her...these last few months haven't been easy for me. I think she suffered some because of that. Because of my mood, my reactions, my actions, what I've said, and what I never said. I'm sorry everyone. I'm so sorry...

Goodbye Everyone, Keep Up the Good Fight;


  1. It does, doesn't it?

    As you said when the situations were somewhat reversed, this doesn't feel like any sort of victory. I'll watch for the man.

    I wish you hadn't died feeling you'd made no impact. For better or worse, you've left your mark on the world, and I for one would be sorry if you'd never existed.

    I'm bad with words and this sort of thing, so I'll just say this: Goodbye, Carter. Thank you.

  2. Bye carter, sure will miss you and your good advice. I dont really have anyone to trust now, but eh I'll live. :)

  3. Like I said before, there is still a chance. I wish I knew that he had this post set up. I will keep trying to help him. And Med, that guy will need my help to find you, I will not help him until I give up on saving Mr. Carter.--Jack


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