Good News...Bad News

     Well, I'm still alive. That's some good news. I also haven't seen Mr. Tall Thin and Faceless either. That's a bit unsettling, as it definitely doesn't help the paranoia. I hope you all are fine. And I hope that things stay this quiet for a while. If nothing happens this upcoming week, then I'll change my post schedule to every other week.

     Now for the bad news. There's been an issue that I've tried typing up for the last month. Every time that I'm about to, though, I forget about it. It's very disturbing news. For the last few months, I've had dreams...dreams that involve a certain 'friend' in a suit. And, every time afterwards, I wake up with an injury. The list of the ones that I can remember is: cuts on knees, bruises on arms near shoulders, and tiny pinpricks that vaguely remind me of getting shots. I hate needles, by the way. To top those off, I've also had an increase in paranoia, headaches, and a horrible cough. The cough I have had since I was a little kid. But, it went away about two years ago; it's back now.

     The latest dream was interesting: I was part of a team. Our goal was to track down a certain 'man' and all of his 'accomplices.' You should know who I'm talking about. One part that really stuck out, though, (and the only part that I can remember clearly) was in a carnival of sorts. My team and I were unarmed. It was nighttime, so we had flashlights. As we were searching, my partner and I (we separated into pairs to cover more area) kept seeing silhouettes of people running about, from corner to corner. Too fast for us to really see them. We were investigating a building when another one of the pairs called us outside to the alleyway. There was a dead proxy. He was carrying about 5 or so pistols. I passed them out to the other members, and we kept searching. Eventually, the sun rose and we met in a concourse area. There were other, normal people there. We were discussing our findings when a couple of proxies came dashing through the crowd and into a nearby building. We followed, but found that the proxies went into a pipeline that we weren't prepared to enter. I left two members there to keep watch and went outside with my partner. We were going over our gear. I remember this part the clearest. I had an HK USP pistol, my partner had a Beretta M92. We both had cameras, flashlights, and two-way radios. After that, there were many gunshots. We entered a gunfight. I eventually was shot. That's when I woke up. Another thing I remember was that the team members were people who I've never met before. Not sure if that's important or not, but I figure that I should be honest with you guys.

     No other news for now. Hopefully, it'll stay that way. Stay safe everyone, and keep fighting the good fight.

Until Next Time,


  1. Holy shit, that's a lot worse than my dreams. Good thing the adage that dying in a dream kills you isn't true. Although I am guessing that the nature of the injuries correlates to the content of the dream.


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