Danger Shows its Face(less) Self

     Sorry about the late post. Things are a bit busy, I'll also miss next Friday's (the 8th of March). So, a few things have happened. The most important being a conversation that I had with a friend. We were on a bus and talking when he suddenly stopped and looked out the window. When I asked him about it, he said, "I thought I saw something...but it was nothing." Normally, I would disregard that, but I am under near (if not) constant surveillance by Tall, Thin, and Faceless. So, I'm hoping that it really was nothing.

     And to respond to what Med recently said on his/her blog (sorry, but I don't know which you are, no offense). Link to blog: Med's blog I'll tell you all a bit about my 'informants.' So, I'm not really the leader, if that's what some of you thought. We don't really have any leaders. What we do is this: we have people who have a lot of experience, they are on a 'council' of sorts, and determine how much info we release, and who we let join. I am on that 'council.' I was invited about 1 month after the first sighting, then I made this blog at about 6 months after the first sighting. As you can see, they we have a knack for finding those being followed, even when they don't make blogs. This next bit of info took a while for our 'council' to decide on releasing. We have a simple goal: stop Mr. Slim's attacks on humans. Ideally, we'd like to co-exist with it peacefully, but we aren't completely stupid; if we have to, we will kill it. We want to preserve humanity as a whole, while retaining our own humanity. Now, before some of you ask to join, you need to remember: we all have to agree to a new person before they can receive information. It's a precaution that I wish we didn't need.

     There's also more about our 'network,' but I can't share any of it on this blog. Let's just say that we have ways of finding information that you can't even imagine.

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  1. This 'council' is very interesting. It's nice to know there's an analog to Proxy cell structure out there, levels the playing field a little.
    Well, I'm at your disposal. By proxy /haha/, theirs as well.


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