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Silence is Unnerving

Still haven't seen it. I guess that should make me feel better, but it doesn't. I feel like someone is always standing over my shoulder...watching me. But, I guess that comes with the job. Better get used to it, I guess. Although, I've always preferred to see the dangers around me.
     Anyways fun conversation I had recently with my special friend. Her: "What's with...that?" She pointed at the table near us.   Me: "What, the baseball?"   Her: "No..."   Me: "Oh, the phone?"   Her: "No, you know what I'm talking about."   Me: "The gun? It's just a precaution, after all, there have been...criminals who've evaded the police. I'd prefer to be...prepared."  She just rolled her eyes, and looked uncomfortable. I thought to myself, smooth work, you idiot.
    And some of my personal rules that I follow: Safety is...nonexistent. It can go anywhere, so don't fool yourself into doesn&…

Nothing New

Well, I still haven't seen Mr. Slim. It's been so long that I almost forgot about the constant danger. Almost. If it wasn't for those nightmares. To elaborate further on my 'dream' from last week, I think it may be a premonition of sorts. I'll explain. Sometimes, I have dreams that are 100% realistic. An exact set of events will happen, then months to years after I had the dream, those events will occur. A Déjà Vu, if you will.
An example: back when I was in the 3rd grade, I had a dream of talking to someone in lunch who I considered a great friend. We talked about a funny prank that had happened to another of our friends. One of the supervising teachers also decided to talk to us. At the time, I had never known or seen that person before. But, about a year later, he moved into town and started coming to my school. He and I eventually had that exact conversation about the same exact thing. Some would call it coincidence. I disagree, after all I am being st…

Good News...Bad News

Well, I'm still alive. That's some good news. I also haven't seen Mr. Tall Thin and Faceless either. That's a bit unsettling, as it definitely doesn't help the paranoia. I hope you all are fine. And I hope that things stay this quiet for a while. If nothing happens this upcoming week, then I'll change my post schedule to every other week.
     Now for the bad news. There's been an issue that I've tried typing up for the last month. Every time that I'm about to, though, I forget about it. It's very disturbing news. For the last few months, I've had dreams...dreams that involve a certain 'friend' in a suit. And, every time afterwards, I wake up with an injury. The list of the ones that I can remember is: cuts on knees, bruises on arms near shoulders, and tiny pinpricks that vaguely remind me of getting shots. I hate needles, by the way. To top those off, I've also had an increase in paranoia, headaches, and a horrible cough. …

Danger Shows its Face(less) Self

Sorry about the late post. Things are a bit busy, I'll also miss next Friday's (the 8th of March). So, a few things have happened. The most important being a conversation that I had with a friend. We were on a bus and talking when he suddenly stopped and looked out the window. When I asked him about it, he said, "I thought I saw something...but it was nothing." Normally, I would disregard that, but I am under near (if not) constant surveillance by Tall, Thin, and Faceless. So, I'm hoping that it really was nothing.
     And to respond to what Med recently said on his/her blog (sorry, but I don't know which you are, no offense). Link to blog: Med's blog I'll tell you all a bit about my 'informants.' So, I'm not really the leader, if that's what some of you thought. We don't really have any leaders. What we do is this: we have people who have a lot of experience, they are on a 'council' of sorts, and determine how much…