Still Alive...With a Guilty Conscience

     So, I'm just going to start with the basics: I'm still alive, I feel guilty, and I feel like crap. Sorry about not posting for a while. I'm going to only get on the blog to check/post/reply on Wednesday through Friday. Saturday through Tuesday I can't. My schedule is too full for that. I'll also make an attempt to post at least every other week.

     I feel guilty. I sat, one night during a snowstorm, and thought about all of the runners out there. I feel guilty, because here I am, in a nice, warm house, with as much food as I could want, with a nice bed, a caring family, many friends, and might even end up, against my better judgement, in a relationship soon. The guilt came after I thought of how most runners can't get enough food, or sleep, or even people to talk to. I hope they're all safe.

     I wasn't able to post due to other commitments, and a recent death at my school. To Linux Makavrie, I hope you're safe, and sorry that I couldn't get any names for you. I'll keep trying to find some.

     I also feel guilt, because I'm obligated to tell you all information about Mr. Slim. (or Mr. Tall, it doesn't matter which I use) But at the same time, that info can be dangerous. 'Knowledge is a double-edged sword.' That is the name of my blog, I chose it because of the fact that the more we know about him, the stronger he gets. But, at the same time, the info can also lead to a way to stop him. The term 'double-edged sword' means that it both helps and hurts. The info I have is almost a year's worth of research about him. I haven't released much due to the danger it carries.

     Does anyone have any safe way to ensure that my research can be passed on in the event that I am no longer among the living? And, also a way to inform you all if that tragedy should occur? I know that I'm still new to this whole blogging thing, but I have a gut feeling that my time is short. My head has been pounding for the past week. I'm unable to sleep due to constant fear. I know there are typos in this, because I can't focus. I hope someone can find a way to end this.

    Lastly, does anyone have info about 'The Agency' they're supposed to be a government agency formed as a response to him. All of my leads point to its existence. Yet, they all fall short after that. It's weird. Some of my informants, for lack of a better term, have stopped sending me info after I asked them to look into this. So, any ideas?

Stay Safe,


  1. I'm collecting as much research on Slender Man as possible, dangerous though it is. I would hate for your year's work to just disappear. Maybe we could work something out?

    As for 'The Agency', perhaps you are thinking of the PTC? They were a division of a government agency designed to combat supernatural entities, in this case, Slenderman. Unfortunately they folded after their head turned out to be a Proxy sabotaging the entire thing by hemorrhaging money. The wiping out of their entire personnel by Slenderman didn't help either. There was one survivor, but good luck finding him.

    Or 'The Agency' could be a section of the FBI exemplified by one Agent Fisk. Their goals tend towards the containment or concealment of Slenderman's actions rather than attempts at neutralisation, and they are distinctly unfriendly towards Runners.

    Even if they have nothing to do with either of these organisations, please be careful. Shutting people up like that requires either serious money or bullets. Or both.

  2. Oh, and I just remembered. Some people have Dead Man's Posts set up which are automatically posted after a certain period of time unless canceled. I'd recommend writing one if doom seems this imminent.


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