Just an Update (2)

     Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Hopefully, you all had a better day than I did.

     So, first off, I won't make a post next week. I have plans with a friend, it involves dancing. I can only hope the wonderful, tall, and almighty friend of mine will leave me alone that night. (note the sarcasm)
     Next thing is to Med (or anyone who is just interested), thanks for your post. I never knew about this 'PTC' that you talked about. If you have any info about either them, or Fisk's people, could you tell me? I also would love to tell you a lot of my research, but you can't be too careful. For all I know, you could be a proxy. But, I'll make a deal with you: if something were to happen to me, I'll have one of my informants give you a copy of my research. I am, as of now, going to start cataloging it. As to the 'dead man's post,' I've thought about that, but with the way my posting has been, I'd probably screw up and you'd all think I was dead when I'm not. I've also read your blog. One word: wow. That was pretty brave of you. And here I thought I was brave by yelling at Mr. Slim that he could come kill me. (note that I had no sleep the night before, and was running on caffeine.) I also realized something: if he is really interested in me, then that also means two things. One, my blog is undoubtedly being watched. Second, when I do have an encounter with a 'hallowed' (or 'proxy' or whatever you want to call them, we all have our own names), I shouldn't be too afraid. After all, if he really is as interested as I think, they wouldn't risk his anger. But then again, maybe I'll just be signing my own death-warrant. Not that I haven't already.

    Also, I am calling some of my informants of the case to lay low. Too many have gone silent, I feel like something is building. But, some of them have gathered some interesting info as well. I'll share this bit, because it has been referred to in many other blogs: apparently 'the agency' that keeps popping up has some way to remove (or at the very least cause someone to suppress) all knowledge of Mr. Slim. Except for, of course, the regular person's idea of him only being a myth and joke. One of my personal theories is that he is powered by us. Or rather, our knowledge of him. If there is a way to remove one's memories of him, it could (if my theory is correct) weaken him. But, it's almost impossible to test.

     Lastly, I know some of you will go berserk about me pursuing the relationship with my friend who inspired me to make this blog. But, it's one of those situations where all endings are the same. One choice is to break off the relationship. That would lead to her investigating. She's pretty smart, and if she read this, she'd find out quickly who I am. That would lead to her involvement. Other is to continue. That will undoubtedly lead to him showing up one day, either when she's with me or on her own, and her getting involved. Either way, I've dug two graves, one for me, and one for her. Sorry, in advance. (if you ever read this) So, I guess that'll be it for the this week, and the next. I'll try to stay alive and post on the next possible week. For some reason, though, that gut-feeling hasn't gone away.

Stay Safe, 

P.S. I'm trying new ways to format my posts. Do you guys like it better as left-aligned, or justified? I also, on case you didn't notice, changed the template. I'll try this one for a while.

P.P.S. To elaborate further on my posting, It'll be on the days mentioned before and on important days (holidays, the anniversary of 'the first sighting,' or the anniversary of this blog.) Days like those.


  1. Thanks, Carter. That more than I hoped for. I'll return the favor.

    And you're right to be suspicious. Some people can even be Proxies without knowing themselves /memory blackouts ftw/, so telling who they are over the Internet can be a nightmare. Look for smugness.

    /Btw, Hallowed, or Hollowed, are a subset of Proxy, noted for having no free will. They are often, but not always, broken ex Runners./

    Speaking of which, a Proxy once clarified in a comment on Gargoyle's blog, I think, that they 'clean up' after Runners that their Boss has lost interest in. Given it's a Proxy talking a grain of salt should be taken, but it pays not to rely on the 'they can't kill me yet' gambit too much because you never know when their Master's fickle whims will change and they *can*. Until then, though, it is a small comfort. Just bear in mind that quite a bit of damage can be done without killing someone.

    As for the PTC, they had two blogs, which pretty much contain all known about them. Fisk's agents are trickier; they were minor antagonists to Zeke Strahm and Celeste, but if they're involved in other blogs I have not read them yet. I vaguely remember rumors of Fisk getting fired by his superiors, but quite aside from it's dubious truthfulness it does not mean the organization itself has ceased to exist.

    And something that can erase *all* memories of Slenderman? That's powerful stuff. Powerful, dangerous stuff. Do *not* let them use it, if you can help it. /Even leaving aside the effectiveness or not of this tactic against him, if it has this wide a range the potential applications are... horrifying./

    This has been done on a smaller scale, however. Kainic acid injection to the hippocampus, while dangerous, has proven to be a temporary cure. Temporary, because reexposure causes relapse. Your theory corresponds quite nicely to the Tulpa effect, though more 'empowering' than 'creating/sustaining'. It's similar in that respect to my own.

    Good call standing down your informants. The disappearances are worrying though. Hopefully, they are still alive. Also good call sticking by your girl, though the cynical part of me wants to tell you to tell her and get it over with, before things get out of your control.

    Links to mentioned blogs:

    Main PTC blog: http://nightcrawler-observeandterminate.blogspot.co.nz/

    Specter's Blog: http://paranormaltermination.blogspot.co.nz/

    Zeke Strahm: http://helpingthosehelpthemselves.blogspot.co.nz/

    Celeste /interestingly one of the few people to become Uninvolved without obvious outside intervention/: http://countingitup.blogspot.co.nz/

    On the Tulpa Effect: http://slenderia.blogspot.co.nz/2011/01/tulpa-theory.html

    Jay's research into induced memory loss on Runners and Proxies: http://anomalousdata.blogspot.co.nz/

    1. Also, sweet template. *thumbs up*

    2. Also also, have fun dancing with your friend. ;)

    3. Thanks, Med. I'll check out those blogs, and keep an eye on your blog. I'll also start getting my research compiled together, but that will be a long task.

  2. Don't count on being immune. The tall fuck doesn't stay consistent. It's best for you to lie low as best you can.


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