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Just an Update (2)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Hopefully, you all had a better day than I did.

     So, first off, I won't make a post next week. I have plans with a friend, it involves dancing. I can only hope the wonderful, tall, and almighty friend of mine will leave me alone that night. (note the sarcasm)      Next thing is to Med (or anyone who is just interested), thanks for your post. I never knew about this 'PTC' that you talked about. If you have any info about either them, or Fisk's people, could you tell me? I also would love to tell you a lot of my research, but you can't be too careful. For all I know, you could be a proxy. But, I'll make a deal with you: if something were to happen to me, I'll have one of my informants give you a copy of my research. I am, as of now, going to start cataloging it. As to the 'dead man's post,' I've thought about that, but with the way my posting has been, I'd probably screw up and you'd all th…

Still Alive...With a Guilty Conscience

So, I'm just going to start with the basics: I'm still alive, I feel guilty, and I feel like crap. Sorry about not posting for a while. I'm going to only get on the blog to check/post/reply on Wednesday through Friday. Saturday through Tuesday I can't. My schedule is too full for that. I'll also make an attempt to post at least every other week.

     I feel guilty. I sat, one night during a snowstorm, and thought about all of the runners out there. I feel guilty, because here I am, in a nice, warm house, with as much food as I could want, with a nice bed, a caring family, many friends, and might even end up, against my better judgement, in a relationship soon. The guilt came after I thought of how most runners can't get enough food, or sleep, or even people to talk to. I hope they're all safe.

     I wasn't able to post due to other commitments, and a recent death at my school. To Linux Makavrie, I hope you're safe, and sorry that I couldn'…