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     Well, I'm still alive. Haven't seen Mr. Tall lately either, maybe he's busy somewhere else. I'm going to tell you some important info...it could save your life.

     So, I'm sure that you all know about the 'Operator Symbol,' or 'the circle with an X in it,' or even (X). According to some, it's used to 'ward' away Mr. Tall. I read other blogs about the same 'friend' of mine. M, if you're reading this, I'm apologizing in advance. I won't say her name, but I haven't heard from you so I'm going to post this
     There was a woman. She was a librarian. She wanted to find any  info about Mr. Tall. She once found that (or, at least, this is how I interpreted it) the Operator Symbol is a part of Mr. Tall's hieroglyphic name. You know, the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Think of it like this: the circle with an X is a shortened version of his name. Like, Mike for Michael, or Joe for Joseph. Now, when someone calls your name, you will react in one of the following ways: you'll go and see why someone's calling your name, or you'll ignore them because they're annoying you, or you'll get mad and confront them. That's why he reacts differently each time someone draws the symbol. I could be wrong, but (if I interpreted it correctly) it could very well save your life.

     I hope I'm correct, and that this won't cause any harm for anyone. Also, M, if you're still out there: I don't intend to make you mad, I'm trying to do what you did, give advice. I respect what you did, I'm glad to say that you helped many people. Whether they are Runners or not, your advice is helpful. Just remember this: we're human, and humans make mistakes. Even if we think we're doing what's right. Stay safe.

Until Next Time,


  1. Well you and that librarian are wrong about the hieroglyphs, sorry. Unless he is a city, then it's not part of his name.


    That hieroglyph just means 'city', pure and simple, it is used to denote a place name. Like how some towns end it -ton, cities end in -polis, and so on.

    So, if he was ancient Egyptian, and you wrote that out, all it's saying is city city city city, which makes no sense, at least not to me. Sorry.

    1. Not to completely rule out hieroglyphs, look here at hieroglyphs used in the context of war and death:


      and scroll down to T6.

      A combination of the symbols for 'mace' and 'snake'. But still. Doesn't it look kinda like Slendy? Just a theory of course.

    2. I see your points. I'll look into it when I'm safe. Hopefully soon.


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