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An answer to a question.

So, as this blog is read more, some people start figuring out who I am. The people I'm talking about go to my school, and are my friends. They've read the blog and realized that they know who I am.

     They've confronted me about it, I didn't lie. They know now that they have to forget about this, and not mention it again. Luckily, they've never seen Mr. Tall.

     One question they asked me is this: "How are you able to deal with what happened and still appear normal and happy?" That's not the exact wording, but it's close enough. My answer is simple. Many of you have probably heard stories of people who were being tortured protecting themselves by 'hiding' in a corner of their mind. The concept is the same. You can't learn it, or force it, though. It just happens. For me, it happened when I realized exactly the situation I was in. I have a 'mask', if you will, that I use to hide the fear. I access the 'part' of …

Just An Update

Well, I'm still alive. Haven't seen Mr. Tall lately either, maybe he's busy somewhere else. I'm going to tell you some important could save your life.

     So, I'm sure that you all know about the 'Operator Symbol,' or 'the circle with an X in it,' or even (X). According to some, it's used to 'ward' away Mr. Tall. I read other blogs about the same 'friend' of mine. M, if you're reading this, I'm apologizing in advance. I won't say her name, but I haven't heard from you so I'm going to post this
     There was a woman. She was a librarian. She wanted to find any  info about Mr. Tall. She once found that (or, at least, this is how I interpreted it) the Operator Symbol is a part of Mr. Tall's hieroglyphic name. You know, the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Think of it like this: the circle with an X is a shortened version of his name. Like, Mike for Michael, or Joe for Joseph. Now, when someone calls…