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Well, I had a fun little visit in Russia. Business as usual, had to find a few things, then get out. The only issue was getting out. Luckily, there was a man who owed me a few favors. I only know him by his codename, 'Dmitri.' Pretty funny since 'Carter' isn't even my real name. Seems pretty common to use a fake one, eh? 
     Anyway, I had to arrange a meet with him. He chose a nice cafe in Moscow. He ordered tea. I opted for coffee. Hadn't slept in a while. He kind of stands out in a crowd, he's what you'd call 'stocky.' Also has a very loud voice that seems to full of emotion when he wants it to be. And he knows English. Which is very good for me, since I don't know any Russian. (Made my 'visit' very difficult, I normally rely on Sam for translation) He sat down at the table.  "Carteya, my friend! How are you?"-D
"I've been better, Dmitri. But, I'm alive, guess that counts for something!" We both …

Interesting week

Not much has changed since my last post. Had quite a few close calls, they're very well trained. Sam will make a great leader. A few things have happened though. The one that affects me the most is the fact that I can't use the Path anymore. It's weird, just last week I could if I concentrated enough. Now, I can't. Almost wish I had listened to Doc and let him take a blood sample. Maybe the substance in my blood isn't Azoth? Maybe there had been some, but it's gone now, replaced perhaps by whatever is there. Either way, it's making traveling a bit more difficult.       To my team, my order to stay clear of the Morningstar business stands. I'm still the Commander, so you'd better follow this order. I'm only looking out for you guys. I can only hope you'll understand when this is all over. I can only hope that you'll forgive me.       Lovett, I have a personal request, kill every single one of those Nameless. Before I left, Keith was…

Been a Little While

Hi all. Carter here. Been a while, eh? This post will go up about a week after I type it. Trying to keep a step ahead. Been tying up some loose ends: finding things I need, and talking to a few people. On my own. Left from the archives building of that city. After talking to Lovett. He knows the full situation. Sorry if my sudden disappearance caused any issues, Sam. But, I have to do this alone. Lovett, if you feel like telling anyone, that's your decision, I hope at least that you had found something of use in the archives. Make it count.
     So, I'm on my own for now. And will be for a while. You guys will get posts from me, don't worry. And I'll try to find the time to comment. But I can't reveal my current location at any time. I'm sure that I'm now being considered a 'threat' by my own people. Which, considering everything I know and am capable of, I deserve that kind of treatment. I'll make a better post for you all soon. This is j…
We're OK. Well, alive. Or at least we were when I typed this. Not sure when it'll be posted. Not much in the way of internet connectivity where we are. We also don't know anything about current events, and won't be able to post any comments. Like Carter had said, we left on a mission. 'We' being him, Doc, and me. I'll tell you all what's gone on. Green text = Carter. Blue = Doc. And orange = me.

   I was caught up in reports and files, as many of our contacts were having issues. Some dropped off the grid. Others were found dead. Placed in very obvious locations. Displayed for any and all to see. Nasty business. Anyway, I was busy with that while Carter decided to post comments. Partly because of the alternate Linux. Who, by the way, I hope returned to where he belongs. Didn't sound like someone I'd want to meet. So, I was getting ready to call it a night when I saw Carter walk towards the cockpit. I followed, curious as to why he finally emerged…

Situation Update

Sam here. A lot's happened this past 24 hours. For starters, the commander was posting comments. In the middle of a crisis situation. That's the major thing. We had a crisis. We're fine now and waiting for clearance to land at a different site. Hopefully, we'll be safe until we can figure out what had happened. Colored text: Pinkish-purple=me. Blue=Doc. Orange=Jenkins. Green=Hattery.
I was in the operations room when alarms started going off.

Ma'am, you'll want to see this. Massive surge of Sigma in the area.

Lieutenants Greene and O'Connor walked in. Along with Doc.
Is it true?

Before I could respond, Hattery's voice came over the intercom: Our instruments up here are picking up Sigma. Please tell me it's a false alarm.

Jenkins told me it wasn't. We had to act, fast.Doc, get the med-bay prepared, just in case. Keep an eye on Keith as well. Greene, get your squad ready and go on constant patrol throughout the plane. Make sure we are airtight. O&…
He's awake now. Woke up an hour ago. Was in an incredibly bad mood. Here's what went down. White text with quotes is him, blue is Doc, and the orange is me. (I'm going to try this and see if it's easier than quotes)

"How long have I been out?"

At least 11 days, sir. We were getting a bit worried.

I'm going to need to run some tests to--   He was cut off. The commander was already getting up and moving while he said the following.

"No, I'm fine. No tests needed."


"I'm fine."  Doc was shocked. So was I. This wasn't like him, he didn't cut people off like that. At least, not his friends. He left the room at a brisk pace. Straight to his 'office'. (Which in actuality was a separate bunk room that he had converted into an office space. It has a three way desk with more than sufficient space. It's connected to his bunk room.) Shortly afterward, he called for me on the intercom. I came to his office and entere…

Been Too Long (Part 5)

Well, I will add this here, before the main part of the post. He's still in the med-bay. If anyone has any leads, please help. We've run out of ideas. Bear squad hasn't seen anything at the warehouse, possibly they cleaned house after what happened. Anyway, here's the posting of the last catch-up part. - Lt. Com. Cartwright


     So, now the major event that I've been passively mentioning. The massacre. It happened so fast, and so many things occurred at once. It started, for me, when I woke up. Suddenly, something woke me up. I sat in my bed trying to figure out what. It wasn't S, she was still sleeping soundly next to me. There wasn't anyone in the room. What was it? And then it hit me: it was quiet. Completely quiet. Normally, you could hear the ventilation systems as they had to run almost constantly to keep the temperature stable. Something was…

So Any Help Would be Appreciated

Um, Sam Cartwright here. I don't do the whole 'write a full blog post' thing so please bear with me on this. Earlier, we found the commander unconscious in an alleyway. Mumbling stuff. We brought him back to the plane and put him in the med-bay. We watched the footage from his stake-out at a warehouse. He eventually started following a figure that looked male into an alleyway. Then the footage cut out. That's all that we could gather form it. We didn't know why he was there either. The last contact we had with him was when he called Raven squad back to base. After an hour of radio silence we started looking for him. And now, here we are. Marcus and Doc have tried everything they can think of but haven't gotten a response. Maybe one of you can help? I know he'd rely on someone like Med with stuff like this, but she's probably busy trying to live a normal life. As for what he's mumbling, it's mostly incoherent. What I have gathered is:
"I [am]…

Been Too Long (Part 4)

I hate the desert. Especially the Sahara. Especially creepy old abandoned bases in the middle of the Sahara. Even more so when creepy bases have enemies lurking around. Linux has been digging around in the other reality of his in the Agency's old bases. We can't hit the Alaskan base because of the sheer number of enemies there, but the Saharan base was another story. It had been abandoned back in 2008. The commander at the time decided a base in the US would be more beneficial. Well, some of the structure survived. However, we needed a local guide to find it. Luckily, Ms. Cartwright is very adept with languages. Our ground team had been myself, her, Linux, and Raven squad. Bear had been left with the Bearcat to keep an eye out. We've heard rumors about Jack being seen. Anyway, we had to sweep and clear the structure. Then we let Linux do his thing. He told us a lot of what he found, but he's also kept some to himself. Understandable, some things are never meant t…

Been Too Long (Part 3)

So part three. You know a decent bit about the present, so let's hop on back to the past with the next part of my story. As a short recap, I was dead.
     After Alan's tour, everyone decided to talk to me off and on. I read the books in the library. Stuff like that. I learned a lot from that library. Some of it...I shouldn't know. But, the damage is done. I'll try not to slip up and say things I shouldn't. Luckily, Sam will try to help keep that from happening. The conversations weren't that important that I'll post then here. I'm sure most of you can probably guess what they were. Aly and I talking about our last stand, Tim and I talking about plans and tactics, Alan and I talking about 'the good old days', and then there was Jamie. I couldn't help but feel awkward around her. Partially because I had inadvertently caused her death, and partially because of the contents of her goodbye letter. She understands my stand point on both top…

Been Too Long (cont.)

I'm still trying to get caught up, what a task! I guess before I continue the story, I should tell you all my current situation. I'm on a plane. My plane. Well, more accurately the plane I'm in command of.
     You see, the Agency had a mole. This mole worked for a Fear. He was pretty high up in the chain of command. No one suspected him. He's dead now. I had to kill him. Cartwright. He was setting us all up. He claimed it was to protect Sam (his sister). I didn't buy it. She would have died. We all would have. When I get to that part, you'll all understand.
     After his death, his second in command (read: me) took over. I'm now the commander of the Agency. Or, rather, what's left of it. After the massacre in Alaska, we had to use the command plane. It's actually pretty large. It has a cargo hold with enough space for the Osprey. (which is actually a major prototype. the engine pylons actually retract. It barely fits in the hold.) Next is th…

It's Been Too Long.

Welp. Guess who? If you say Jack, you're wrong. It's me, Carter. It's been far too long. The rumors of my death have been slightly exaggerated. I did die. Part of me still is dead. Part of me will never come back. And yet, part of me was brought back. But, by who and why, I have no idea. It certainly wasn't Jack. As he's...well...detained. Let's just say that it's going to be a long while before he's around again. He was...forcibly removed from his current host. By bullets. 10mm. I retrieved my revolver. And got some...retribution for his mistake. Hopefully, he'll learn to be more mindful of his deals in the future.

     So, where have I been? That's a long, long story. Multiple parts ahead. I have and out of it for a while. I was trying to keep up with you all and post comments. But, every once in a while I was incapacitated.

     I'm sure many of you were catching on. Don't know why Jack didn't. The Agency was holdin…
Well, I have been out of commission. Seriously, whoever you are, I will find you and kill you. That's a guarantee. So, what happened to good 'ole Jack? I'll tell you. I was sitting at a desk in the hospital. Reached for my coffee when I just collapsed. No warning. Just woke up today in a forest. Many of you probably could guess which forest. So, I have been gone for a while. I'm back now. And I'm going to be tracking whoever did this down. Since, this means that they know too much about me. There are ways to 'disable' me temporarily. Somehow, one of those ways was found out. Looks like I have a job to do. Will update with more news on this post until next week. -- Jack

Edit 1 (September 30): Not enough time to make full post. Been on the run. Danger everywhere. Can't enter path. Seriously hurt. In europe. Bleeding bad. Military group. Well trained. Seem familiar. Germany. Forest. Out.

Hospital Duty

In case you are behind on recent events, MorningstartorturedSanna and now she's in a hospital. Guess where I am? A hospital. She doesn't want any visitors, so I haven't initiated a face-to-face conversation. Yet. I also will be trying to keep unsavory individuals away from her, and believe me, I have a long list of deterrents. A very long list. I have to pose as part of the staff. Which is going fine actually. No one has even noticed a thing. Even she hasn't noticed me. As a result, however, the memorial service is being put off. Again. I will not be able to update this much this week either. I have an 'agent' watching S. And, my coffee's getting cold!

     Short version: Morningstar = evil. Sanna = poor victim of that evil. Me = at the hospital trying to help. That sums it up well, yes? Should probably get going. 24/7 guard duty here I come! Will update when possible. -- Jack

Oh, yeah, I did make a mistake. A big one. I had been ready to rush in when …

Busy, Busy, Busy

Back again for another late update. I've been busy training Ms. Cartwright. She learns fast. Suffice to say, even I feel a bit reluctant to fight hand-to-hand with her. Even more so when she is armed with a staff. She'll definitely be a useful member of the Commander's agency.

   So, since I knew I would be busy, I sent a runner on an errand. To keep watch on S, and tail them. I am expecting a report Monday.

   Next matter is interesting. I paid a visit to the English doctor who Mr. Carter had called 'Doc.' I showed the sample of the blood. He compared to the sample they had on file. They were identical in enough ways that he thinks the sample is from Mr. Carter. The main difference: he believes the sample in my possession was taken after Mr. Carter activated the failsafe. Which is an impossibility as I designed that failsafe (in hindsight: a mistake) to completely destroy all traces of bio-organic material. So, Ms. Med, there may be some usable antibodies in th…

A Little Later than Expected

Well, I've been busy, so this had to wait. Which explains why it's being posted on Sunday, and not Friday.

   First matter: Morningstar. He was having some...issues yesterday (or today depending on your timezone). I decided to give him a bit of company until his help showed up. Long story short, I left pretty quickly to avoid any 'incidents' with his help. Though I did see something hilarious: the look on Morningstar's face! He was terrified! Almost like a child is of the dark.

   So, on to more important matters. I was approached by a man Tuesday. He told me who he worked for, then brought me to the airport. There was sitting a V-22 Osprey aircraft. Heavily modified. It looked sleeker, and more aerodynamic. It also had a higher top speed than a normal Osprey, about 550 Km/H. When our trip was complete, I found myself in Alaska. A military installation. I met the commander: Commander Cartwright. They are the same group that had held Carter. I cannot say their na…

Let Me Set the Matter Straight

Before I begin, I have one thing to say. It is to all of you simple-minded proxies. A lot of you are obviously excluded as you actually can think. Do not try and attack me. It will not end well. For you. To clarify, I was attacked by a group of proxies earlier. 15 to be exact. 13 died, one was taken into police custody, and 1 tried to run away into the Path. I say tried because he was extremely injured and most likely is dead. This is your one and only warning. If you attack me, I will kill you. No second thoughts, no remorse. And it will not lead to my death, as it is self-defense.

   On to other matters. Such as a quick recap:
I am still at strike one.The girl disappeared. Again. I will bet on her mysteriously returning on Monday.The blood still complicated. I will not say anything yet, as I don't want to get anyone's hopes up.     That's all that's happened so far. I will edit this post as things happen until next Friday. So check back often. -- Jack



Well, this is intriguing. The girl is missing. I decided to pay her a visit and break the news of Mr. Carter's death. She wasn't there. I feel like I should be worried about this. No one has noted her disappearance either. I will investigate into this further.

    In other news, Kit is looking depressed. She hasn't left the rooftop since his death. She occasionally will look at me, but big black eyes tend to not show emotion. I am at an impasse, I feel like I bonded with the creature because of Mr. Carter. He was the reason that she stayed around. Now that he's dead, I wonder what she'll do?

   Earlier this week, I made a deal with a Runner. She wanted temporary protection from Proxies and Faceless. In return, she errands for me when I needed them. So far there have been 7 proxy deaths involved in her case. Faceless showed up, saw me, and proceeded to leave. He was angry. Very angry.

    Lastly, for now, the offer is still open to anyone. I am willin…

Mr. Carter's Final Report

He's dead. On Sunday, he activated the 'failsafe.' There weren't even any ashes left. Here's the transcript of the last recording he made:

[Transcript Begins]

  I hope this thing's...
  ...on. Because I won't try to do this again.
[More coughing]
  Things went downhill after my last report.
  I had finally done it! I found way to separate the Azoth! Only to fall asleep while holding a tube full of acid. Destroying every sample, and even all of my notes.
  I can't even remember how I did it. I just did. Right now, I'm sitting on the bed in here shivering and hating myself. I can't take any more samples, I've already gone far past the 'you should stop drawing blood' point.
{Slight chuckles]
  There's only one thing left to do. So, don't lose hope everyone. There is a way. We can win this. We can survive.
  This is Carter, signing off.

[End Transcript]

    After I had received the re…

Report # 2 From Carter

Due to the bit of news that Morningstar released, I believe I should try to keep a low profile. Simply because, as I told him, that is my past. In my past, I did help Redlight. I regret that decision, as well as the many atrocities I committed during that time. The events that are unfolding currently, I have lived through already. I can not interfere directly, due to the uniqueness of the situation. However, I still have a duty to continue. After I say one more thing: Morningstar, never compare me to a used car dealer. Ever.  That is all.

[Begin Transcript]

  Hello? I hope this is on. It's Carter again with another report. I'll get straight to business this time.
[Short coughs, followed by throat clearing sounds]
  Today is Friday, August 2, 2013. Time is [short pause] 8:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
[Coughing fit lasting about 3 minutes]
  Current lab temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. About [pauses] 29 degrees Celsius. I increased the temperature due to a small ch…

Message From Mr. Carter

Small disclaimer: Any and all typos are to be ignored. As I'm sure some may have noticed from my comments today, I am really fumbling at the keyboard. Mainly because I was awake trying to keep a 24/7 watch on the lab door. -- Jack

   Mr. Carter has decided to start making recording and sending them out to me. I am supposed to upload them, but I feel like torturing myself and typing. Here's your transcript.

  [Audio Disturbance that sounds like a tap]
Is this thing on? Hello?
  [Two more taps]
I hope it is. So, hello everyone. It's me, Carter, just figured I'd give you all an update myself. Who knows    what Jack's doing.
  [slight laughter is heard, followed by coughing]
Sorry 'bout that, I've been coughing up Azoth and blood for the past few days. I'll talk about that in more detail in a bit. So, I've gotten the news. Redlight's back. That's just what we all needed. I hope that when he's killed this time, he won't return. As for …
Jack here. Got bad news. Mr. Carter's locked himself up in that lab of his. Why? Here's a short version of what happened. He disappeared, again, and I looked for him. Found him out in the middle of the woods. Next to a dead body. There was a knife sticking through the ribs and possibly the right lung of the body. It was his knife. We hid the body, and I brought him home. He told to keep watch on the door and to not open it at all. Only to give him status updates on what is all going on in the outside world. I asked him about the body. He said that he had apparently blacked out and when he came to, he was sitting next to that body as I walked up. I will be taking care of the blog until he feels able to return. There's one thing that I haven't told him yet, the news about Redlight. Anyone have an easy way to break that news? -- Jack
Had to say goodbye to Marcus today. I gave him a pistol that I had 'acquired' from a proxy a while back. He and I talked for a bit, he said that he might make a blog some day. He also said that he wants to leave the US. Apparently he has an uncle in New Zealand, and a few friends in Australia. And then he left, headed towards town where he could get a bus ride to the city. I've got to admit, it was nice being able to talk to someone else freely. 
    In other news, I've been getting horrible nightmares again. Haven't slept soundly in about a week. So, I figure 'let's work on some projects!' Might as well type it up. So, Project Alpha, it was my attempt to find a way out and put in a 'safeguard' in case of forced proxyification. It failed. My first test was with Jamie. So long ago, and yet it won't stop haunting me. She died because of me. Because I failed at my job. Since then, I've started a new project, Project Omega. Same premis…

Files and Explanations...

Before I begin know that any words in [brackets] have been changed to preserve information.
     I've just reclassified one of my files. The files that no one is supposed to know about. B is confirmed dead by Kendra. His file now says 'D' on the front. You were all right about them being abbreviations. D stands for deceased/missing. P for proxy/possible threat. R for runner/fighter. And F is one that I will not talk about. It's doesn't mean 'Fear.' But it definitely doesn't stand for 'Fun times in the sun.' One day it'll be revealed, but that day is hopefully a while off.
     I told Marcus that he has a week. After the fact that he broke the one and only rule I gave, I don't think I can trust having him around here. That room was not meant for anyone else's eyes. (no pun intended Med, there's a reason that it's in there) 
     So, what exactly happened? I decided to pay a visit to the site where I had buried Alan and t…