Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sorry About the Delay....If Anyone Reads This

     Sorry about the delay. Christmas season is a bit crazy where I live. Does anyone read this? I've always wondered, am I just typing this up for no reason? Will anyone see this in time to...well, I don't know actually. Help me? Give me advice? How can anyone if they aren't in the same situation? If anyone's reading this, do me a favor, leave a comment. Just any comment, doesn't matter what it is as long as I know I'm typing this for a reason.
     Anyways, on to my point that I was going to cover. Sides. There's pretty much a war going on. A war between our tall friend and anyone who opposes him, or it, or whatever your name for that thing is. There are many sides: his side, the opposing side, the neutrals, and the 'I have no idea about any of this' (AKA, regular people who aren't involved). Note, also, that none of these sides are perfect. Or good. Or bad. In fact, they are all morally grey. They all have they good and bad. And even their good people and their bad people.
     First, the regular people. They may have heard of Him, but haven't shown much interest (researching, thinking of constantly, helping a runner, etc.) He ignores them, because they don't appear as threats. That is until, they are forced to choose a new side due to any of the mentioned reasons. You know what they say; 'Ignorance is Bliss.' That couldn't be more true. If you're on this side and are reading this, consider what I said. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble if you stay ignorant of the truth. You'll live a regular life.

     Now for the neutrals, these are people who He has stalked. They, however, don't want to make enemies. So, they may join  whatever side they think will win. I don't trust anyone, because of this group. They've caused me many issues in the past. But, they may be trying to protect a loved family member. So, I don't harbor any grudges. Just no trust.

     Next, the fighters, the ones who oppose the thing. This is the side I'm on. Regretfully, though, I wish I could say that I didn't have a side. I'm going to try to not be biased here (but it is human nature). These are, more often than not, people who have lost something to Him. What have I lost, I won't tell. But, that doesn't matter though. These people have free will (unless their hallowed, but that makes them technically His side.). They do many things: some run, some research, some explore, some tell the stories of the others who are now gone, and some...some fight. I am more of a research/storyteller. I may, from time to time, tell stories or post some information that I've found. This side is, sadly, dwindling. It is losing people to our 'friend.' Many of the old bloggers are gone. Whether they're dead, or in a worse condition, I'll probably never know. There is, however, some bad though. Some may go insane after a while, one killed other runners thinking that their bones could kill that thing. He was wrong. This side may lose, I won't lie, but the people (most of them) are good-natured people who want to help. They just may seem a bit angry, but most are runners. And runners must remember: large groups lead to death.

     Lastly, His side. He, as some of you may know, corrupts people somehow. He turns them into his slaves, or 'hallows' them. Some people join this side for safety. Thinking that our 'friend' will win this war. They may be trying to protect a close friend, or their family. Or, they were forced to. Some (mainly the hallowed, because there are many who aren't) forget who they are. They just are around to do whatever our 'wonderful, tall friend' says. They just follow orders, consider that when you meet one face-to-face. They may have family. They may have lost everything, I feel sorry for anyone who is 'hallowed' I would never want to end up like that. Never. But, there are also those who willingly chose this side. They may have good reasons. They may have their memories. They are probably good people. But, they (like me) were forced to take a side. Know this. Remember this.

     Remember what I've said here. I feel like, with every letter I type, I'm signing my own death sentence. I may eventually be forced to become a runner. I hope not. But know this: There is NO 'right side.' There is NO such thing as a 'wrong side.' There are good (and bad) people in every side. One day, there will only be one side. Let's hope that by that time, humanity has rediscovered itself. That people will start caring about each other. Let's hope that, whoever wins this, can keep the peace. That's all we can hope for.

 Until Next Time,

Stay safe everyone. No matter your side.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 Months.....

     It's been 5 months since this all started. Almost 6 now. I have a few more things to say before I tell you my story. Since my story wouldn't make much since without it, I'll tell you what I currently do: I'm a Freshman in high school. Some of you will stop reading there, but many (if not most) of the people in the same situation are in high school. I also apologize for the eyesore that is my last post, I was half-asleep while typing it and in a hurry. Hopefully, this one will be better. And lastly, a final warning. Stop reading now if you have no idea of what my situation is. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble, it's how I got tangled up in this.
     I'm assuming that if you're still here it's because of one of the following: You're curious, a fool, in the same situation as me, or maybe a mixture of those. Irregardless, my story starts just last summer, in July. I was home alone, and had to watch my sister's dog. It was a warm morning, so I sat outside while he took care of 'business.' All of a sudden, it got quiet. (Note that I live in the country. My house is surrounded by trees, and there are trees on the other side of the street.) By quiet, I mean that the woods got quiet. In the summer, there's always a bird chirping. I looked at the dog, he was frozen in place, staring across the street. I felt as if I was being watched, a cold chill covered my body (a chill I feel every time I think of that thing). I followed the dog's gaze, and I saw a tall man. Faceless, about 7 or more feet tall, with a dark suit on. I had heard of the myth, I believed that it was only a myth, but I was proven wrong. He has many names, one of them is the one tied to his myth: Slender Man. I stared at it for a while, it stared back. Then it tilted it's head to the side, as if it was curious about me. I eventually, grabbed the dog and ran inside. I looked out the window, and it was gone. I convinced myself that it was the reflection of the sun on the trees, leaves, and bushes. Even though, the woods was south of my house, and the sun was east. That was the first encounter

     The second was a dream, only a week after the first. I was running, constantly from place to place, alone. I then came home. There was a room next to my bed (it's not there in real life) inside was everything I have ever wanted. I was about to fall asleep when, guess what, the closet door on the opposite wall opened. Inside was a familiar figure. It jumped (or glided, flew, floated, something) out of the closet to me. I only remember pain after that. That wasn't the worst part. I woke up. It was about 1 A.M. The bed is on the west side of the room, the window on the south (about 5 feet away), the door was on the east side (about 15-20 feet away). I woke up with one pillow on the floor next to the bed, the other at the window, and my blanket at the door. That wasn't it: I was laying on the bed as if I just landed or collapsed there. I've never sleepwalked before in my life.

     Then I saw it in the same spot as the first time. A few days after the dream. It was early evening, so the sun was on the west of the woods. It was the same spot, it tilted it's head the same way.
     Since then, I've seen it on and off. It only watches, though. It hasn't been very close (with the exclusion of the dream). I don't know what to do. M from the Tutorial would tell me to run. I can't, because I know my family would find out what happened, and then look for me. They'll find out eventually, but if I run, they'll find out sooner. I only hope they don't know.

     I'll post again this Friday, with my thoughts about 'sides.'

Monday, December 17, 2012

Who Am I?

Who am I? I won't say for now, maybe later. For now, I'll go by 'Carter.' I think that's a good name.Why am I making this blog? I've had an issue for the last few months that many others have also faced. I won't say what the issue is until my next post. This one is just an introduction. I'm also making this blog, because a friend of mine has noticed the fact of my recent problem. I've made two blogs. This one that I hope she won't see, and the other which is unrelated to this account. Why am I typing like this is a conversation? It's one of the rules I've made for myself. Another is to keep you guys updated, even if it's a 'I'm still alive' post. My next post will inform you of my problem. If you don't know much of my issue, then you should leave while you can. It has to do with a VERY tall friend. I'll post again Wednesday.  On an unrelated note, who believes that the world will end on the 21st? I don't.

     Edit: Sorry if this hurts anyone's eyes. I was half-asleep. If requested, I'll retype this.