I'm glad I'm not the only one left. It's nice to see old, familiar faces on here. I wonder who else is still around.
I was thinking of an old friend tonight. And a conversation with her. I miss her a lot. If it wouldn't put her life in danger, I'd visit. She'd probably love to have someone to dissect. It was a crisp night and she brought out a nice, warm drink. She made good tea. I remember her looking at me for a while before asking me. "Carter... What's it like? To kill so many people, I mean." "It's... Terrible. It removes parts of your humanity each and every time. You'll never forget it. Every time you'r idle, your mind will play it back to you. You'll look at yourself in the mirror and see a killer. That's what drove me over the edge. That's why I'm not killing someone again." "But you killed a lot of people before...Her. Of your own free will. Why would you choose that life? Why did you do it?" "... Because if I didn't... If I didn't, then someone else would be in danger. I did it for you, and everyone …
Sometimes I wonder just how many of us are left. I only know of a handful. And I'm not sure if that is good or bad. Maybe it means that people will eventually be safe? Or maybe it means I'm just out of the loop. I don't know. All I know is that I've seen many friends die or become lost, and that it will continue to happen for me, day in and day out. For all of eternity.
This blog. So many memories. Good to force myself to remember them. Hard to sometimes. I'm still around. Just, I suppose. I'm trying to just be under the radar. Or, as under the radar as an immortal person can be. Sometimes, it's hard to remember where I come from, who I was, and what it measn to be human. If you can't die, what's the meaning in life? What is life without death? Light without darkness? Happiness without sadness? Joy without loss?
Every night, before I sleep, I recite the names of the lost. Those who are confirmed dead, and those that just disappeared and are assumed dead.

It's morbid. But, it tends to be followed by thoughts about how the list will only grow longer with each passing year. I wonder if the list will become so long that I decide to abandon this idea? Most likely. I also dread the day when I have to add more names to it.

This life is a curse.


Well...he caught up to me. I had gone over those reports I had, and decided to book a flight to one of the bases overseas... Luckily, the ID I used still registered as valid.

I had only been to this base once before, it's in Europe, that's all I'll say. I approached its entrance and took in a deep breath. In the reports, Sam had written that she had re-opened this base as a storage facility with the research labs beginning to be staffed. The primary purpose of this base had been research before it had been shut down.

I was shocked to find that the power still worked, or at least, the keypad's power. I entered my override code and heard the door's lock disengage. This was it. I opened it and saw only darkness. There was no power to any other system, apparently. I felt my heart drop at that. Another report that was impossible. I didn't let that dissuade me, I decided to enter the base. A mistake.

It was relatively small, only a few levels as it was intended for r…